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Confessions of a newly qualified vet - CPD: What is it all about and where can I find it?

Our newly qualified vet shares ideas and inspiration for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - where as a new vet you can gain points for CPD and the benefits of being part of a corporate graduate scheme... 

Taking the leap into first opinion practice

 The jump (or should I say gargantuan leap) from university life into your first veterinary job is an absolutely terrifying, but also an incredibly exciting prospect. It's one others can do very little to help you prepare for and it is a different experience for absolutely every new graduate vet out there. It would be stupid for me to try and write a blog post with a list of advice on how to settle seamlessly into practice; every experience is different and there's no 'one piece fits all' advice that I can share. What I will do however is share with you my experiences and the tips and tricks that have helped me settle into practice life. Hopefully that way you'll have an insight into the difficulties I have faced and what I have done to overcome them.

How to get the most out of your EMS Placement by Dogtor Smith

Let's talk EMS!

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: The Euthanasia Consult

The first euthanasia consult you do will no doubt be nerve wracking. It’s a very upsetting time for owners and you just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for them and the animal. Over my first year in practice, I have developed a protocol for how I do them to make sure I cover everything. It helps to calm my own nerves with this mental checklist too!

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet... "What I’ve learnt after 12 months in practice"

I remember writing my first blog after my first week as a vet and now here I am almost 12 months in! There’s been a lot of ups and downs but on the whole, I am really happy working as a vet and am still learning lots of new things every day!

Do you have the transferable skills needed to secure your perfect Veterinary Role?

Transferable skills are a set of basic abilities and skills that can be applied to numerous different job roles.  Although, these are easily picked up through life and work experience, employers see them are incredibly valuable.  Transferable skills demonstrate to the employer how easily you will be able to fit into the team and the position being offered. 

Finding the Right First Veterinary Job: Things you may want to ask about

Looking for your first job as a vet is both an exciting and daunting experience. You hear all the horror stories about nightmare jobs but how do you tell apart the good from the bad and ugly?

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: Six Months in…

I honestly cannot believe I am already past my first 6 months at work! The year below me at vet school are currently preparing for their finals which seems crazy! Will I not always be the newbie?!

IVIS Website – a great resource, full of useful veterinary resources from around the world

IVIS Website – a great resource, full of useful veterinary resources from around the world

A Vet Student Abroad – arriving in Oslo and the first week of ski-ing, gløgg and thorough clinical exams!

Bethany Dixon is a final year veterinary student at Liverpool University. Bethany has just embarked on her student exchange programme and has written to tell us all about her first week, settling in and getting to grips with vet student life in Oslo!