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Why is a positive workplace culture so important in the care sector?

 |  Care Resources


Is positivity a key driver for a great standards of care in your home and how can you drive the culture of positivity though your staff?

Positivity will ultimately drive an increase in productivity as your employee’s provide care and support more tailored to your resident’s needs.

A key to having a positive workforce is a driven sense of identity and purpose throughout your establishment and the skills for care team have developed an outstanding toolkit you can use to drive positivity and engagement through your organisation.

They have built a toolkit you can use to drive the culture in your home to ultimately improve performance and improve the quality of care you provide.

The 6 steps include looking at                                        

  1.        Your identity
  2.        Your values
  3.        What is expected of your team
  4.        Your lines of communication
  5.        Sub cultures within your workplace
  6.        And how to drive continuous development an change

This blueprint to drive a positive culture in your home is well worth a read and it provides all the necessary tools you need to implement a change in your home and drive an increase in your business turnover and staff performance.




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